Privacy Policy

Rhino Paper and Marketing understands the importance of privacy in order to create user confidence in today’s world of security fraud. We feel it is your right to know how we secure the information that you submit when you visit our website. The privacy of your information is very important to us and we feel it should be treated as so. That is why we give this guarantee that we will not sell, rent, and trade any personal or business information. Any exceptions would be mentioned in our Privacy Policy. Privacy Policies are covered at All other electronic media that belongs or is fully operated by us is also covered under our Privacy Policy.

In order to analyze the trends that out site generate, our company uses multiple systems. This analysis is based on individual patterns and group surfing behavior. This system will allocate the IP address and any other data to secure that the analysis is as accurate and up to date as possible. Further more, this information will be used to help maintain our site and create a computer friendly navigation process to our customers and visitors.

What information we may request or require from you for our site will be for the purpose to complete orders accurately, register you in our database, and have extra information if we need to contact you. All Information that you submit should at least consist of: Name, Business Name, Address, Account Number, Email Address, and Phone Number.

Rhino Paper and Marketing continuously updates its security systems in order to avoid any potential threat of corrupt data crossing to our site. Unfortunately there will always be the possibility of a threat, slim or not. Therefore we are not responsible if someone without our knowledge with out good intentions breaks our security applications and reaches our database. But we will take all steps to remedy this quickly if it does happen to avoid any delays in orders or requests for quotes.

As we mentioned above, there are some exceptions to release your personal information for anyone with regards to the Privacy Policy. These are:

  • Legal request in a legal process.
  • The right to maintain the rights and property that belongs to our company and subsidiaries.
  • In a case of a merger, acquisition with a previous filed confidentially agreement.

In the case that our company is sold in full or separated by specific lines, the information will then be transferred to that particular acquirer.

In some cases, we will use the information collected in our site in order to keep you advised of any product or service release with promotional intentions. If you don not want to receive any information from us you may write to us via email or US postal Service and we will not submit any information.

If you are inquiring about any of our products and/or services. Please include your contact information so any one of our employees can contact you. Rhino Paper & Marketing is a DBA of EJCJ LLC.